Have questions? Below are answers to some questions we are frequently asked!
If the application meets the eligibility criteria, does this guarantee that funding will be granted?

These are not guaranteed funds. Available funds may fluctuate annually based on the success of fundraising initiatives.

What is covered?

On approval, Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation will cover the cost of basic registration for a sport or recreational/arts program. Additional cost beyond basic registration will be at the discretion of the Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation’s Directors and Chairperson.

What ages are eligible for funding?

Youth, 18 years and under.

Does the applicant have to be a resident of the province to qualify for funding?


Is there a maximum amount of funding per applicant?

No, if approved, Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation will cover the cost of basic registration for a sport or recreational/arts program.

How many applications can be submitted per applicant in a calendar year?

One application per calendar year.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications will be continuously reviewed throughout the year when funding is available.

Who must make the request for funding on behalf of minor athlete?

An application can be initiated by anyone in the community who knows the family’s situation. (i.e., parent, guardian, family member, coach, guidance counselor, friend, etc.).

Where do I submit the application?

Applications can be submitted online, or questions can be raised to [email protected].

Where are applications?

Applicants can apply here.

When will applications be processed?

Applications will be reviewed by the application committee, at minimum every 2 weeks.

Who receives notification when applications are approved?

Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation will contact applicants and the affiliated association/program to advise the status of the application by the email or telephone numbers provided on the applications.

What are funding arrangements?

Funds for all approved applications will be made payable to the respective association/program. Applicants are not issued funding directly or reimbursed for fees that have already been paid.

What procedure should be followed if the athlete decides to withdraw from the sport or program?

Notification should be provided to Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation and funds must be pro-rated and associations/program will be responsible to return remaining funds to Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation.

Can funding be transferred to another family member or athlete?

No. All funds must be applied to registration for the applicant named. Other family members must make a separate application.