What We Do
Raising funds for those who struggle to enroll children in activities and sports!
What We Do

Our Process

Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation (SCHF) is committed to ensuring that all children have an opportunity to participate in sports and recreational/arts programs, regardless of financial situations.


Family Can’t Pay Registration

While some families can afford to pay their bills, they cannot afford the extras like sports for their children. Sam wanted everyone to play so the hope of the foundation is to help all those who struggle, not just low income.

Step 2

Family or Community Member Applies to SCHF on behalf of child

The application process can be initiated by anyone in the community who knows the child’s situation. (i.e., parent, guardian, family member, coach, guidance counselor, friend, etc.).

Step 3

SCHF Pays Registration

Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation will contact applicants and the affiliated association/program to advise the status of the application by the email or telephone numbers provided on the applications. Funds for all approved applications will be made payable to the respective association/program. Applicants are not issued funding directly or reimbursed for fees that have already been paid.

Step 4

Child Plays Sport/Activity

Sammy’s Climb Higher Foundation hopes to give many children a chance to participate in a sport or activity they love.  We hope to put a smile on many children’s and family’s faces through the power of sport and play.

We Take your Privacy Seriously!

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